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Stucco Painting

The Benefits of re-painting your stucco.

You’re in luck if the exterior of your house has a stucco coating. This stylish, long-lasting material may effectively shield your house from the weather in addition to being durable and long-lasting. But the colour of your stucco can deteriorate with time, just like other forms of house siding. If this occurs, you might question if you can paint your home’s stucco. Exterior stucco painting can have a lot of advantages with appropriate preparation, the right paint, and appropriate painting supplies.

The Benefits of Painting Your Home’s Stucco

Due to its low maintenance requirements and ability to maintain its beauty for many years with proper care, stucco is one of the most popular exterior treatments for homes. The following special benefits can be ensured by hiring qualified painters to paint your stucco.

Blocks Moisture

You might observe that your stucco absorbs water after it rains and darkens until it dries. Painting stucco thoroughly seals the surface, preventing moisture from penetrating. This enables your color to stay steady throughout a heavy downpour.

Although stucco is infamous for absorbing moisture, using the appropriate paint to paint stucco can help to keep it watertight and prevent damp areas. To make stucco even more weatherproof, paint producers have created specialized exterior painting techniques. Your property can keep its appealing appearance for a long time if moisture is kept out of the stucco.

Avoids Stains

Most likely, you can observe vertical lines of rust and water stains on your stucco (usually beneath window frames). These stains can be stopped and covered by painting stucco. When painted by experts, stains won’t return on the fresh paint surface for years!

Hairline Cracks are Filled

Does your stucco have a lot of cracks? The damage is simply going to get worse over time. Unpainted stucco will peel off in pieces, necessitating expensive repairs. These hairline fractures can be naturally filled with paint film by painting your property with high-quality, thick paint.

It’s vital to remember that expert painters will need to mend any bigger stucco cracks with masonry filler or outside caulk before painting. Large cracks won’t seal perfectly since stucco is permeable and the crack filler needs to be flexible. But with this method, the crack will look much nicer and merge much better with the paint color.

Better Curb Appeal is Provided

Painting a stucco house with new coats of paint is the finest method to make it stand out from the street. Painting stucco is an easy way to enhance the appearance of your outside walls, whether you want to sell your home soon or just want to keep it looking wonderful for years to come. The appropriate stucco paint can speak to your neighbours, potential homebuyers, and guests by giving off a timeless, incredibly gorgeous appearance.

Blocks UV Rays

UV rays can make your outside stucco less durable if you reside in a hot, sunny area, which can cause masonry cracks and structural damage. Structural alterations severely diminish stucco’s usability. By reflecting harmful UV rays, painting your stucco keeps outside walls adequately insulated and safe.

Ability to Change Paint Colors

One of the stucco’s biggest benefits is that it can be painted in a number of colours to suit your tastes and go well with your landscaping. You may paint well-maintained stucco in any shade, whether you choose classic earth tones, a darker shade than your current stucco colour, or a bold and vibrant look. Professional painters typically advise the following, depending on the kind and age of your stucco:

• Paint with a flat, eggshell, or satin finish.
• A standard two-coat exterior painting procedure (sometimes a primer and top coat).
• Elastomeric coatings, which can stretch and are exceedingly flexible.

When Should Stucco Be Painted?

Although stucco is a fairly durable surface, it will occasionally—but not frequently—need to be repainted. Your stucco can endure over 20 years without peeling or blistering with proper application and high-quality paint, but its durability also depends on environmental circumstances. Every few years, you should check your stucco to see if it has to be painted again. Applying fresh paint as soon as you notice paint peeling off stucco is essential to prevent moisture damage or masonry structural damage.

Select Seasoned Stucco Painters Like AMP Concept.

Numerous advantages can be had from painting your home’s stucco, but only if the task is carried out properly. By entrusting your home to skilled stucco painters, you can be sure that your stucco is painted correctly. These painters have years of experience, know exactly what kind of paint to use, can recommend the ideal paint colours, and regularly provide high-quality results that last for years. Request a free exterior painting quote right away if you’re ready to give your house a new coat of stucco paint! Contact AMP Concept for any of your stucco painting needs.

Keith J
Keith J
Adrian and his crew did a top-notch job. Couldn't be more pleased with the results. I was impressed with the attention to detail. Very professional. I highly recommend this company. Thank you.
Almas Kassam
Almas Kassam
Quality work, professional and respectful staff, did an exceptional job.
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Francisc Simandan
I am very happy that I found this company and I am very satisfied with the work they’ve done.
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Jasmeen Khehra
Professional , on time and great quality of work, would definitely recommend!
Susan Clark
Susan Clark
AMP replaced the stucco on our house and we couldn't be more pleased. Stucco is a lot of work and these guys were so great with every step. We would highly recommend them.
Scott M
Scott M
Had a great experience with AMP when they replaced the stucco on our house. Friendly service that was on time and on budget. 5 stars all the way.
Jianhua Xu
Jianhua Xu
Great work done by AMP Concept Canada Inc. Adrian is a great leader who manages his business and crew very well. We are glad we hired him. We wish all the best to all his future endeavours. Come and see the great work yourself. Top pick! 🙏❤️🙏

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