1.Synthetic Stucco


Synthetic stucco is gaining popularity because it is  more energy efficient . Compared to traditional stucco, EIFS stucco sounds hollow. The EIFS stucco stands for exterior insulation & finish systems. It is often referred to as synthetic stucco but some people are of the opinion that EIFS is not synthetic stucco but synthetic stucco is just a component of EIFS. EIFS stucco is composed of multi-layered exterior wall system that are used for commercial building’s and residential buildings.

EIFS Stucco surface offers sufficient protection against damage caused by woodpeckers and other birds. When birds bore holes into the walls and other EIFS surfaces, it can damage the barrier, making the building vulnerable to water damage, mould and infestations from pests.

We utilize a vast system, combined with a unique anchoring process and acrylic hardeners to create an exterior siding that is virtually impenetrable. This system   surface makes it impossible for woodpeckers and other birds to bore holes into the wall and create nests. We are confident in our products and offer a 10 years  warranty against bird nesting. EIFS stucco is composed of multi-layered exterior wall system that are used for commercial building’s and residential buildings.



2.Hard Coat Stucco:


The Acrylic finish system with cement and sand base is fundamentally similar to the traditional stucco system. Sand and Portland cement base coat with water and lime is applied over a building that gets sealed properly with weather barrier and is wrapped in structural lath of wire. A layer of cement and sand is then applied which is leveled with a tool known as Darby and further to this is then “floated with a sponge.” This is a critical step as the acrylic finish is not textured and due to this some imperfections can be visible in the wall. Once the wall gets leveled sufficiently, an acrylic finish coat is applied.




There are plenty of benefits to hard core stucco finish. Such finishes can be made in just about any color of your choice and can be matched to any desired shades. The good thing is Hard core stucco is UV and fade resistant, will not trap dust yet still allows the cladding system to breathe. The acrylic system also allows for a smooth clean and concise finish which may be preferred by a builder, designer or home owner.