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3 Tips for Repairing Stucco Cracks

Prepare in advance.

Make the necessary preparations. Before performing repairs, homeowners should address the sources of cracks if at all feasible; otherwise, the cracks will most likely recur. If water-damaged stucco is discovered near the foundation, it was most likely caused by water pooling around the foundation. You may assist prevent the problem from recurring by installing gutters before performing the stucco repairs or consulting a foundation repair professional.

Make certain the conditions are ideal.

Make certain the conditions are ideal. Temperatures that are excessively cold, hot, dry, or windy might harm fresh stuccowork, so it’s crucial to complete the project when the weather is ideal. If you don’t make sure the stucco mixture is the right consistency, flaws will show up after the stucco dries.

Be swift and exact.

Make sure to be exact and speedy. Before you begin, make sure the damaged area is free of old stuccowork. Following that, any exposed lath should be covered, more mesh added, and fresh stucco coated. Because the stucco mixture dries fast (30 to 90 minutes), it’s crucial to mix the stucco thoroughly and work quickly and effectively.

If a property has more than a few cracks, it’s time to contact a local expert who can provide excellent advice and assistance for stucco repair.

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Synthetic Stucco

Synthetic stucco is gaining popularity because it is more energy efficient . Compared to traditional stucco, EIFS stucco sounds hollow. The EIFS stucco stands for exterior insulation & finish systems. We offer the very best in Calgary Stucco Services.

EIFS System Installation | AMP Concept

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Commercial Stucco Services

AMP Concept provides trusted exterior stucco solutions for commercial properties in Calgary. In the past we have provided Commercial Stucco Services for restaurants, retail shops, commercial office space, municipal buildings, and more.

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Woodpecker Damage Repair

A building’s susceptibility to woodpecker or flicker damage is determined by various variables. Woodpeckers and flickers may be found in almost every area in North America. Several species of woodpeckers or flickers may be found across the eastern United States and Canada and in the Pacific Northwest, British Columbia, and the northern and forested portions of the Canadian prairies. We offer the very best in Calgary Woodpecker Damage Repair Services.

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Stucco Finishes

At AMP we are determined in providing the very best and elegant exteriors possible. That is why we offer a variety of decorative stucco finishes. Update your home today with our exterior renovation services.

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Hard Coat Stucco

The Acrylic finish system with cement and sand base is fundamentally similar to the traditional stucco system. Learn more about our stucco services today!

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Stucco Repairs

At AMP we are determined in providing the very best and most efficient exteriors possible. We also help with all types of Stucco Repair. Contact us today if you think your home or commercial space is in need of stucco repair.

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We offer expert masonry craftsmanship in our builds. With past projects, we have been able to deliver outstanding exteriors. Our approach to our masonry work consists of attention to detail and truly taking the time to ensure that our projects turn out exactly as you envision them. Take a look at our Masonry Services.

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Brick Work

From day one AMP Concept has put its love for brickwork at the forefront of its exterior renovations. For many contracting companies this has been a hindrance task, but at AMP we love the sturdy work and elegance it provides. Take a look at our Brick Services.

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From custom landscape design to water features and everything in between. AMP provides Calgarian’s with a seamless solution for landscape services. Learn more about our Calgary Landscaping services today.


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